Piedra Redonda

In the isolated mountains of Provincia del Bolivar in Ecuador, lives Maria Matilde Auxiliadora Cunalata, a seer, a cleanser of souls,

a dancer, a clown, a yachaj. She belongs to the Waranka lineage, a clan that predates the Incas,

and is one of the last remaining yachajs (healers) still alive and practicing what her elders practiced for centuries.

MaMatilde, as she is known, lives between worlds, days and nights shift lights in service to ceremonies for healing body and mind,

yet she flows through power believing that life is sacred and we must embrace everything that brings good or bad.

Piedra Redonda (round stone) is a way MaMatilde describes the dance of life and death, it is also the name of the song she sing to her spirits.

 Soriya K'inti,

Kambo sisami

Soriya mish'i...