Sometime in Syracuse

In the winter of 2012 I was invited to LightWork.

The plan was to work on the continuation of a project.

Sometimes plans are the farthest from reality.

I came back from Ecuador with the intention of scanning and working on the new project, but all I have shot was either underdeveloped or not developed at all, so I had nothing to work on.

The family at LW were so supportive and comprehending they just told me to figure something out, so I did.

I started a new work, one that took me almost a year to resolved, at times I felt as if LW became the only place with a graspable gravity, everything else shifted too quickly. During my stay I was deeply involved in figuring out how connection in multi levels worked.

I took astrophysics, marine biology, animal psychology, aboriginal anthropology experimented with Roosevelt’s favorite dissected bird, joined the astronomy club for stargazing evenings, enrolled in the fencing team and swim.

Everything made sense but I just didn’t know how.

During this time I started a journal, I had finished the second vision quest a month earlier, at the hill what you learn by fasting, being in silence, sitting, and drinking a special brew surfaces much later and these occurrences happened there.

These drawings are raw notes of sketches of inner conversations of opening and closing my eyes