5 Humors



Do you remember where we met?

I do.

I saw you standing I thought you were an African sculpture that came to life that night for your sister’s ceremony.

We talk about Chinese medicine and Amazonian plants our conversations grew.

I had 5 eyes every time I saw the stars.



The body is:

A city of senses

A state of freedom

A kingdom of ligaments

Matter that is looking towards union

The liver is a constellation,

The kidneys are winter water,

The gall bladder is a generous pinewood

My stomach is fearless trust

Calm Cho

The lungs are my mother crying for her son, it is a shiny metal

Touch up while touching deeper

A thousand of worlds inside an eyelid

Sex is silence


The 5 humors.

S: All these voices are me

All these points in the dark are me

All these troubles are me

All this touch is mine.

All this light is ours




Temperatures in the tongue


Main organs




Five is a disastrous number

It is a holy number


The sky is a drop of water.