Catching the sole of the fifth wind

Taos (2012)

For three months I heard stories about Native Americans and power animals.

So many corners where filled with tales that were woven with a teaching.

We sun danced, we moon danced. We danced.

I had seen a black bear, from a long distance heard the howl of a wolf, the proximity of a colony of ants near my fingers, I had a snake that walked around my shadow and I could only stand still.

At the end of my stay I had one animal that intrigued me the most, he was known as a shape shifter, the thief and the giver in folktales, but I knew the coyote is some sort of trickster and difficult to see unless he wants it.

First, I searched for him eagerly, in the hills, in the desert in the night with my companion the cool wind. Then I tried the opposite, with calm with prayer with the idea that energy will call energy.

My last day in Taos, I climbed the casita where I was staying with the intention of waiting for the sun to come up. I sat with eyes semi open the same space where night turns into day, where energy is known to have the highest magnetism or receptivity. I went out and heard all sorts of birds and dry leaves, trucks and children running. I stayed still with the in order to focus in the blurriness of the moment when all becomes one.

So I resisted to open my eyes fully and see the black dog that was sitting in front of me, I knew he was there observing something or just simply sitting, I did not engage.

When I went back inside with a sense of wholeness, gratitude and proud of a newfound attention, Sue said “did you see that black small coyote perambulating around the house? So interesting I’ve never seen one this early before”.

So there you were coyote, I searched for you and you found me in a place between places, and I was so full of myself to even notice.

What a trickster you are.