True love              is                vanishing of self


On Riding the wind...

Lieh-Tzu a student of the Tao, found a very great master and went to study with him.

Lieh-Tzu went to sit outside the hut, the master paid no attention

After a year sitting outside Lieh-Tzu tired of waiting, went away, suddenly,

He got regretful and thought he should make another try.

He went back and continue to sit outside and ask the master “why are seasons coming and going”

So he sat there and meditate to control his mind in such a way that he doesn’t think of the difference between gain or loss, good or bad, trying to live in a place where nothing is an advantage or a disadvantage, attempting to keep his mind in the state of non-choosing

A very difficult thing to do

After a year the master look at him, just to recognize he was there,

Another year passed.

By then, the master had invited him to come into his house

However something had changed;

Lieh-Tzu didn’t try to control his mind:

I let my ears hear what they wanted to hear

I let my eyes see what they wanted to see

I let my feet move wherever they wanted to move

I let my mind think whatever it wanted to think

All my bodily existence seem to melt and become transparent

And I had no weight

And I didn’t know if I was walking on the wind

Or the wind was walking on me

That is the fasting of the heart

-The book of Expanding Emptiness, Lieh-Tzu